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3 February 2018
12:45 - 17:00
Janskerkhof 3, Utrecht

UCEMS-publieksdag ‘De macht van het woord’ in Utrecht

Lecture and reconstruction demonstration during the Utrecht Centre for Early Modern Studies public day in Utrecht (Janskerkhof 3) by ARTECHNE team members dr. Marieke Hendriksen & dr. Jenny Boulboullé. The presentation comprises a reconstruction demonstration in which we make an excellent red ink (‘Rosette Excellente’) following a recipe from an early seventeenth-century manuscript, Sloane MS 2052, better known to art historians as the ‘Mayerne Manuscript’, compiled by and for the famous physician Sir Theodore de Mayerne between ca. 1620-1646.

Please note: The lecture and demonstration will be in Dutch. You can sign up by mailing to: uu.ucems@gmail.com